Personal Development Plan

Are we fully in control of our career ? Do we have a clear and inspiring idea of what we want o achieve in future? Are we actively taking a steps to reach to the career goals and to pursue dreams?

If you are not taking steps or doing something towards career goals, which is you dream, you take risk not to achieve them.  If you put the course of action to your dream on your organization, your boss, your parents originally - you risk not going where you want to go, and not doing what you want to do. After all if you are not working to realize your dreams, you are working for some one else's dream.

All too often, this abdication of career direction happens without even you realizing ti. See if you are recognize your self in this below scenario.

Mr. Mehta has been in a current position from last 3 years. He is doing his job comfortably, he knows what is expected, his senior was a good person, his peers are his friends, life was stable and good in this roll. Few more months passed and now he started looking at calender and finding Friday mood in Wednesday afternoon hours. Mehta started wanting excitement and challenge. He wanted to have some thing more right away. He himself is in confusion that what he want, a promotion, a statuesque, more importance in job, job enhancement, money, cabin change, or a job change. This is the reason of higher attrition in today's time in corporate. 

Unfortunately, for Mr Mehta, no one ever told him that neither his company nor his boss was responsible for his career satisfaction. No one let him know the secret that if tomorrow you do the same what you do today, results of tomorrow are not likely to be different than today.

The need is to take a charge of self and proactively change the career the way one want. When one take back the control he realize that the only way you will achieve what you want, personally or professionally is to think about where you want to go,  put in place the plan to go there and then start moving.

Surprisingly, One who do this personal development plan is you yourself, we ourselves. Personal development planning is just a structure way of doing below points.

1. Understand yourself so that you can set meaningful goals.
2. Decide and define goals in terms of what you want to achive and the steps you need to be get there.
3. Last, identify the gaps in your skills and experience and create an action plan that will fill them in to start to move closer and closer.

So start the process right now. Stay connected for more details.

Discover who are you are for what you are.

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