360 Degree Feedback Tool for an Enterprenuears

In one of recent organization, company is conducting the 360 Degree feedback on the values of the Company based on which the vision of the Organization is designed.

360 Degree word it self says, that from all direction a  person get a feedback. This means an Individual get an feedback of Direct supervisor, Peers, direct report employees and the most wonderful thing is your own feedback by some set of Questions and Answers. Like other giant organizations, a small and emerging organization should also practice this feedback mechanism for getting and giving a feedback on any topic. Remember the Feedback is not criticism, its an opportunity to improve self, improve others performance, improve organizations performance and make the work place better to work.

360 Degree Feedback Mechanism
Generally the 360 Degree feedback is done for those who are some or more at leadership level. It is an effective performance tool which is common in most of the organizations now a days. In this feedback mechanism, the employee receives confidential feedback from his manager, peers and employees about their performance. Generally it depicts what an employee should start doing, Stop doing and continue doing.

The Questions are generally on rating scale from one to five, designed based on the company requirements and type of feedback. The respondents is also asked to give comments on rating in details. 360 Degree evaluations represents the results in a form of Development plan.

The Development plan or guidance could be in this format.

1. Continue
2. Start
3. Stop

The employees who are not managers also passes through the same method of survey but since they dont have direct employees reports under him, it is generally called a 180 Degree survey for feedback.

The results of the survey can be used either way.

1. Used as a development tool to measure strength and weaknesses
2. Used for Yearly Appraisals tool for performance measurement

The 360 Degrees feedback measures behaviors, competencies, feedback on how others perceive him or her, which also address like how the person behaves, listening skills, planning, organizing the things with available resource. This evaluation focuses on teamwork, character, and leadership effectiveness like subjective areas.

This is not the way to measure employee performance objectives, meeting basic job requirement. The feedback can not be focused on some technical of job related,  skill related competencies, attendance etc.

In nutshell the tool is very effective in getting honest feedback and being prepared for the strengths and weaknesses identified.


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