Compare Leadership skills in Whatsapp Group Admin

We have seen two major internet revolutions in computer and mobile, which are Facebook and Whatsapp. Recently Facebook has acquired Whatsapp and it was a breaking news over night. Today the both are a very strong Social medias with which people are connected with each other. However, it has reduced the personal interaction and face to face meets. 

While we talk about the leadership, and mentioned in earlier posts as the persona having capabilities to transform the vision in reality, taking all teams along with him, becoming a guiding light, motivator all the time to reach the final goals. We never thought earlier about the comparting and taking exapmple of  leadership qualities before on Whatsapp Group Administrator. The following write up is inspired by one of my friend Pratik Shah, who is Administrator of Telecom Gujarat Group.

Vision : Creating a group on certain theme and make it successful is a vision of the Group Admin, and he or she make it happen by having a thought in mind first. Certain people create a group on the theme of School members, college students, certain company members or a some industry altogether. Some groups are on special interest or like minded people who wish to exchange ideas on very prompt medium. Have read some where that the first ingredient of success is to dream a great dream and if you can dream it, you can do it. Our leaders are also visionary and they led us to some goals and achievements.

Establishment : People need courage and strong commitment to establish something new, on which they are not sure about the clear cut goals and guidelines. Group admin create a group by having certain thoughts in mind, like from what will be theme, first conversation, who will be group members, from where he or she wll get those number and etc etc. The small things matter, micro planning required, even if you are at top level being a leader. The planning while and before establishment makes the leaders confident and makes him aware about the potential problems lying in path. The foresight will help teams to find a solution.

Selection / Recruitment : 
Selection of members in Whatsapp group is also an very important task since the activeness of group and members lies on this criteria. Even in some cases where the count of members increases above 50, Admin need to select some inactive members to remove and add new aspirants in the group. What exactly the Admin does in this process. Selection of suitable member and add them in a Group, Monitoring of Performance ( Activeness, effectiveness and Value) of the group members. Take decision to remove and add new members. Same is happening in Corporate world. In todays scenario the Corporate is totally Performance driven and employee are rated, graded, awarded and terminated based on the performance.

Policies : 
Whatsapp group Admin admin generally makes and helps others to break the rules either way. I have seen certain Admin, who restrict members by posting unwanted material, photos or contents on racism which may not generate a healthy discussion. It is a leader who decide how his group will behave. In certain groups there are only light contents will be forwarded where as some groups are so active where they discuss technology, job opportunities, current affairs which adds value to you knowledge.

Conflict Resolution :
Many members have difference of opinion with others still they are active participants and who make the group alive, it is a leader who keep them alive and encourage them to talk and share their views where as applicable. In some of the cases Admin become inter mediator to resolve the difference of opinion and drive the discussion to some other fruitful directions.

We never notice such leadership skill but it is every where in each individual if a person start looking at that angle. If you have notices that the Father in his Daughters marriage, become best manager, organizer, planner, forecaster, accountant, and leader overall. No matters what his roll in his day to day job. 

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