Relationship : Success Strategy Activities

1. Pick one person each week to get to know better. It can be someone you work, socialize, go to Church with, etc. Take time to talk with that person. Encourage him to tell you about himself. Then do whatever it takes to remember the information. When you later see that person, as heart felt questions based on your knowledge of him

2. Set aside some time to reflect on whether you are advancing yourself by taking advantage of others. If you are, go to the person you have exploited, any try to repair the relationship : apologize, offer restitution, change your interaction so that it is mutually beneficial, and determine not to repeat the same error.

3. Select someone you have desired to know or that you wish to develop a business relationship with. Try initiating relationship with that person by selecting one of the following strategies.

  • Ask a person for advise
  • Ask the person to do your favor.
  • Learn that the person's interest are, find our some information about that interest, and them meet with the person for the first time only with goal of discussing that interest.

4. The next time you plan to meet with a friend or colleague, plan to bring something or the table before you get together. But a book or tape that you know that he or she will enjoy. Plan to introduce the person to a good business or personal contact that you know. Be Creative.

5. Become a student of people by creating a "people notebook" At the end of each day, try to record one observation about specific person you encountered during the day or about people in general based on your experiences. In addition, write down insightful quotes that you hear or read about people. At the end of each month, review your quotes. Look for patterns in your observations, and draw truths about people from those observations. Then file especially good quotes for later use. Review the notebook again at the end of the year.

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