Development & Coaching

How do people become competent ?
1. Knowledge
2. Skills
3. Application.

Knowledge and Skills is to be obtained by the employee by themselves more or less, however the applications part is which is more crucial area of becoming competent which use knowledge and skills. In tern the exposure to different scenario will lead to the acquisition of deeper knowledge and development of high level skills.

Tools for developing knowledge, skills and application.
The Question of how best to achieve these development outcomes then comes into play. Consider the following list of possible learning tools.
  1. Training Courses.( By expert teacher in subject matter)
  2. Coaching (On Job Training by Manager)
  3. Formal Study (College / University)
  4. Industry or professional seminars
  5. Team briefings.
  6. Procedure / techincal documentataion.
  7. eLearning
  8. Reading books and other external litrature.
  9. Secondment of special projects.
  10. Practice (On the job)
What is the Best way to develop Staff ? This bring us to a key point when considering how best to develop individual within your team.