Team Synergy

Developing Team Synergy has the effect of group of people producing a collective output that is greater than their  individual parts. It is a key goal if you are to be a brilliant leader. There are several tools and methods that you can utilize to help develop a high level of synergy within your team.

1. Cross Training : Enabling team members to support, help an appreciate each other by learning aspects of each other's job.

2. Knowledge Sharing : Proactively encouraging team members to share knowledge and ideas with each other.

3. Behavioral Preference : Your should understand your team's behavioural preference in order firstly to know that each member is capable of and then to ensure that roles and tasks are adjusted to maximize strengths and minimize weakness.

4. Stages and of Team Development : There are four main stages of a team's development :

  • Forming 
  • Stroming
  • Norming
  • Performing.

Your Aim is to take them through each of the first three stages to the point where they are a high performing team delivering exceptional results. When the team dynamic changes the team will reform and revert to either the forming or storming stage before they can move forward.

5. Team Spirit : The Key ingredients required for developing a high - performance team is team spirit. You can facilitate this through a variety of areas such as collective goals, equitable contribution, collaboration, team identity and team events.