The Successful Person Values : Relationships.

Recently came to know about the group of teachers who were surprised by the results of the questionnaire they sent to more than 2000 Employers. As a service to student, they asked: "Will you please look up the last three persons dismissed from your business, and tell us why you let them go ? "In two out of three cases - Regardless of the type of work or area of the country - the answer was the same :" They were dismissed because they could not get along with other people"

Business people who accomplish great things recognize the importance of people to their success. A H Smith , former president  of a leading railroad in the US said " A rail road is 95% man and 5% iron. " His observation reflects what other successful people know and what various scientific studies have proven. If you learn how to deal with others, you will have gone about 85% of the way down the road to success in any business, occupation, profession. And you will have done about 99% of the way down the road to personal happiness.

The bottom line is that or relationship make or break us. The quality of our relationship with our spouse will determine what our relationships are like with our children. Our family relationship will set the tone for our outlook with others. Rarely have i met a person who is successful in long run who does not have good relationship with his or her spouse.

Likewise the quality of our relationships with our co-workers, bosses, and employees are largely responsible with our success or failure in business. All the technical expertise and skills in the world will not enable a person to achieve what he wants unless he can develop positive relationship with others.

If you have doubts concerning this, consider there facts. In actual studies of leadership in American business, it has been proven that,

  • The average executives spends three fourths of the wording day dealing with - People.
  • The largest single cost in most businesses is - People
  • The biggest, most valuable asset any company has as its - People.
  • All Plans by an executive are carried out by - Or fail to be carried out by - People
If you want to be a success in life - No matter what goals you have or profession you choose - you mist learnt to develop positive relationship with people.

How to Build Good Relationship with people:
  1. Take your focus of yourself : The potential for good relationships increases dramatically when you begin focusing on others.
  2. Care a lot about them.
  3. Know a lot about them.
  4. Don't Under estimate the value of any individual you deal with.
  5. Do not take advantage of people.
  6. As for advice or special favors.
  7. Always bring something to the table. which support their goals.
  8. Be considerate of people's feeling.
  9. Be alert to provide service to others : Two out of three customers that you loose leave because they are dissatisfied with the service they receive.
  10. Be a good listener.
  11. Talk in terms of the other person's interest.
  12. Make the other person feel important : There is nothing on Earth more important than people.
  13. Be credible and consistent. : People must first buy into you before they will buy into your vision or your product.
  14. Avoid Arguments.
  15. Become a student of people.

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