"Poor Eyes limit your sight, poor vision limits your deeds."

"A blind man's world is bounded by the limit of his touch; an ignorant man's world by the limit of his knowledge, a great mans's world by the limits of his vision."

A vision statement is sometimes called a picture of your company in the future but it’s so much more than that. Your vision statement is your inspiration, the framework for all your strategic planning.

A vision statement may apply to an entire company or to a single division of that company. Whether for all or part of an organization, the vision statement answers the question, "Where do we want to go?"

What you are doing when creating a vision statement is articulating your dreams and hopes for your business. It reminds you of what you are trying to build.

While a vision statement doesn't tell you how you're going to get there, it does set the direction for your business planning. (For more on the role of your vision statement in business planning, see Quick-Start Business Planning.) That's why it's important when crafting a vision statement to let your imagination go and dare to dream – and why it’s important that a vision statement captures your passion.

Unlike the mission statement, a vision statement is for you and the other members of your company, not for your customers or clients.

When writing a vision statement, your mission statement and your core competencies can be a valuable starting point for articulating your values. Be sure when you're creating one not to fall into the trap of only thinking ahead a year or two. Once you have one, your vision statement will have a huge influence on decision making and the way you allocate resources.

The Value of Vision : The greater the vision, the greater the potential it gives.
Vision Makes work fun.
Vision Adds Value to our work.
Vision predicts your future.

Obstruction to Vision:
1. Our past can limit our vision.
2. Current pressure can limit our vision.
3. Problem can limit our vision.
4. Lack of perspective can limit our vision.
5. Our present position can limit our vision.

What helps for improvisation.

1. Realizing your vision.
2. Define your vision.
3. Examine your life at the moment.
4. Exchange all the little options for the one big vision.
5. Tailor your personal growth to your vision.
6. Continually express your belief in your vision.
7. Expect opposition to your vision.
8. Exclude negative thinkers at close friends.
9. Explore every possible avenue to fulfill your vision.
10. Exceed normal expectation.
11. Help others who have a similar vision.

Remember : Without other people there can be no success. Vision provides the creative spark that makes great achievement possible. Without vision, there is nothing to shoot for, no target, no greater task to give your purpose and hope.

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