Six step to start setting Goals.

There are Six Step to start setting Goals.

Step 1 : Identify your Vision and your starting place.
Step 2 : Develop a clear statement of purpose.
Step 3 : Translate a purpose into memorable Goals.
Step 4 : Read in to Action.
Step 5: Evaluate your plans accordingly.
Step 6 : Celebrate Accomplishment.

Identify your Vision and your starting place :  Once you define your vision and you have a sense of what your starting place is knowing both of these is critical to your success. Without a vision you will not know where you are going. And without know your starting place you will not be able to charge your course. After all, it is  possible to have  a map and compass are completely useless you know the fifth point of the compass - Where you are now !

Develop a clear statement of purpose : You are probably already acquainted with the concept of a purpose statement. Effective organization - Business, educational institutions, churches etc - use them to give their people clear direction in all that they do. As BOB TOWNSEND said in hi book up the organization "One of the important functions of a leader is to make a organization concentrate on its objective". You too, need something to give you clear direction and help you concentrate on you objective. If you dont provide it, no one will.
The best way to help your self focused is to write a clear statement of purpose for your life. After all does not everyone desire to discover and live his purpose for existence ? When you articulate it, it helps you to remain focused and effective. Develop your purpose statement based on your vision  and your persona convictions. It will help you to make your goals more specific and effective.

Translate purpose into memorable Goals : Armed with vision of the future and your purpose statement, which will help of give you direction, you are ready to begin setting both long and short term goals. Goals can be identified by performance or by duration. Depending on what you want to accomplish, your goals can invoice any area of your life. Here are examples of area where you may want to set goals.
  • Personal Development
  • Physical Development
  • Spiritual Development
  • Professional Development
  • Relationships
  • Family concerns
  • Finance 
Begin by writing down any goal that comes to you. At first, do not make judgments concerning whether the goals are viable or not. Do not worry about whether they are long term or short term. At this point you are to be creative and dream big.

Once you have written down every thing you can think of, check your goals against your purpose statement. Ask two questions.
Does each goal advance me forward my vision ?
Have I written down the mail two to five goals I need to accomplish in order to realize my vision ?

Once you have identified some of your goals, you can begin to build a strategy for your success.

Think of your goals forming a pyramid. Above that pyramid is your statement of purpose. Every goal you set, all that you do to accomplish those goals must point to your statement of purpose. They pyramid itself is made up of five sections. The top most section is the smallest, the most focused. It contains your life-long goals. Each of the section beneath it contains all of the smaller goals necessary for the accomplishments of the larger goals above them. Here is an overview of each of the five sections.

Pyramid Diagram Concept :

  • Life Long Goals
  • Long Term Goals
  • Intermediate Goals
  • Short Term Goals
  • Regular Disciplines
Read Into Action : You can define your purpose and painstakingly set goals for every stage of your life, but if you do not move into actions, you will accomplish nothing. If you do act, you will like a man some one said about,  He had always wanted to visit China. so he decided to study its art, history, philosophy and culture. He studies maps of all its provinces. He booked his plane reservations, and then he planned a detailed itinerary. He marked down each place he wanted to visit, accounting for every hour of his journey.

A friend of his who knew how much he was looking forward to his trip stopped by the man's house a few days after the man was to have returned and asked him "How Was China?"

The man replied "well i guest it if fine. I never saw it."
"What" cried his friend. But you spent all that time planned what happened ?
Well I love planning a trip, but I just can not stand going to the airport, so I stayed alone.
Contemplating and planning achievements will never satisfactorily replace the attainment of those achievement. Without action, the planner is merely a day dreamer.

Evaluate your plan periodically:
As important as moving into actions is periodic evaluation of your progress. As you proceed, you will sometimes discover that the short term goals you have identified are not moving you closer to your long-term goals. Or you may discover that you have not made your goals realistic enough. Or you may decide that one of your long range goals is not really contributing to your vision and ultimate purpose of your life. No matter what the circumstances, you will need to make adjustments. The newer goal getting is to you, the more miscalculations you are likely to make. And the more often you will need to re-evaluate and adjust your goals.

Another problem people sometimes have you are not used to working with goals is that they get sidetracked. they set goals and write out what they must do to accomplish them, and then they forget to follow those guidelines. One way to help combat this problem is to put the following sign in your office : " Is what I am doing right now getting the closure to my goal ?"

Celebrate Accomplishments:
Finally, take to celebrate accomplishments, I have always been deliver in the reward system. When i accomplish something I have set out to do.I give myself a reward. Small accomplishment - Small reward great accomplishment - big reward. For Example , if have some work that has to be accomplished that will take me a few hours, I may fell myself that when I am finished, I can take a short break, get something eat, or watch a ball game. What I never allow myself to do is to reward myself before i accomplish what I have set out to do. When I accomplish a major milestone, I make the celebration something to remember.

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