The Successful Person Practices : Positive Thinking.

Attitude is the First Quality that Marks the successful Man. If he has a positive attitude and is a positive thinker, who likes challenges and difficult situations, then he has half his success achieved.

--Lowell Peacock

There is little difference is people, but that little difference makes big difference. The little difference is attitude. The big difference is whether it is positive or negative.

--Clement Stone
You are only an attitude away from Success ! The difference between those who are successful and those who are not is this fact only. The lives of those who are successful are governed and controlled by the the thoughts of their best time, their good optimism and thieir most triumphant experience. Unsuccessful people, on the other hand, are guided and controlled by their past failures and doubts.

You are an attitude away from Success !
People will try to tell you that other have made them who they are. They will tell you that circumstances dectate their place in life. They will tell you that they cant help how they feel. But its not whats around us that makes us who were. In the end, we are responsible for the way we look at life. Victor frankl, Survivor of prison camp in Nazi Germany Said, "The last of the human freedoms is to choose one's attitude in any given set of circumstances."

Maltbie D Badcock Said, "One of the most common mistakes and one of the constiest is thinking that success due to some genius, some magic, something or other which we do not possess". Success though, is determined by something withing your control. It is a result of your attitude. How high you will fly is limited more by how you think than any other factor in your life.

  • Our attitude determines a great deal of what happens to us in life.
  • Our attitude towards life determines life's attitude towards us.
  • Out attitude towards others determines their attitude towards us.
  • Out attitude at begining of task will determine the success of its outcome more than anything else.
  • The higher you go in any orginization of value, the better attitude you will find.
No wonder it has been said that we create our own environment - Mental, emotional, physical and spiritual - By the attitude we develop.

Having a positive attitude does not guarantee success. It will definitely improve your day to day life, but it does not guarantee that you will achieve everything you want. But the opposite is true. If you have Negative Attitude, it is certain that you will not be successful - I have never seen continuing, successful person with bad attitude.

The Power of Thinking :
Alfred a Monteperi Said "The environment you fashion out of - your thoughts - your beliefs - your ideas - your philosophy - is the only climate you will ever live in," If your thinking is positive , then so will be your environment. Some people believes many are born thinking positively and other negatively, and that they are stuck with whatever disposition they get. While it is true that we are born with the inclination to be one way or the other, we can over come that inclination . The bottom line is that positive thinking can be learned by anyone, regardless of circumstances, temperament and intellect.

10 Principles that helps develop ability to think positively.
  1. Act, walk, talk and think like a person you wish to become.
  2. Hold successful, positive thoughts in your mind.
  3. Radiate the attitude of well being, confidence and purpose.
  4. Treat everyone you meet as the most important person of the earth.
  5. Make every person you meet feel needed, important and appreciated.
  6. Look for the best in every one.
  7. Do not talk about your health unless it is good.
  8. Look everywhere for the best in new ideas.
  9. Avoid pettiness. (concentrate on Goals and priorities)
  10. Develop a spirit of giving.
Fruit of Positive Thinking and Living :

Positive thinking can change your life. It can put you into the position of succeed in any venture you desire to pursue. Here are just a few of the characteristics of positive thinker. There are more, but there along could be enough to put a person on the road to success.

  1. Self confidence.
  2. Initiative.
  3. Persistence.
  4. Creativity.
  5. Leadership.
  6. Growth.
  7. Ability to produce results.
Having a positive attitude may not guarantee success. But when your attitude is positive, it puts you on the road that leads to success. Whether or not you arrive there will be dertermined by what you do along the way.