Screening Candidate

Once you people applying for your vacancy from various location / sources we discussed in last blog the next step is to screen those applications. The first level of screening is to remove the candidate who is not meeting one or two main aspects and requirement of the job. This can be done based on viewing the CV.

As this point you should consider how many applications are left for the one post for which you are looking for. Now you have a choice for the level of screening you can able to perform and decide how many candidates to be called for interview based on CV contents.

Before you take all the screened candidates to interview it is better you have second round of interview. The second round of interview should be or may be of Telephonic. This time you will have an idea of the validity of CV content by asking one or tow technical question. By having a telephonic conversion the candidate will be judged with his/her communication skill, convincing power and basic etiquette. One should also consider telephone screening, particularly good telecalling skills are one of the attributes you are looking for.

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