Handle Stress

One of the greatest problems faced by people today is stress. Even successful people who seem to have their lives in order are afflicted by stress related problems. To show you are great a problem it have become in the US in last 10 years, all you need to know is the at the turn of the century, the top ten killers of people in the US were all infectious diseases. In the 1990s , the top ten killer are all stress related diseases.

Observation on Stress: 

We can not deal with something we do not understand, so any discussion of how to handle stress must begin with a few observations about stress. When it comes to stress, the question is not, "Do you experience stress? "We all feel it in some or another form. The question is "What do yo let affect you, and how does it affect you?" 

Some kinds of stress can be avoided altogether as a result of your mental attitude. Other forms are unavoidable, and you need to learn how to deal with team.

Some Kind of stress can be positive : 

It has been said that necessary is the mother of invention. In a similar way, stress can be called the mother of achievement. Sometime stress brings out the best in people. It can prompt a person to find a better, smarter way of doing things. May be the word pressure or tension would better describe that kind of positive impetus.

You can see the positive effect of pressure particularly well in the lives of some entertainers and athletes. Some actors, for instance, give their best performance when the pressure is on, when people important to them are in the audience. The same is true to some athletes. There are the big game players whose level of play goes up during the championship game or the olympic finals. Different people react differently to that kind of pressure. Stress causes some people to break, and others to break records.

Much Stress is Unnecessary : 

Most people worry unnecessary about too many things. It is almost as though they search for things to give themselves stress. You may find that hard to believe, but if you have doubts look at these figures about worry:

  1. 40 % of all things that people worry that will happen, never comes to pass.
  2. 30 % of all worries involve pas decisions that can not be changed.
  3. 12 % focuses on criticism from others who spoke, because they inferior. 
  4. 10 % is related to health, which worsens when a person worries.
  5. 8 % could be described as legitimate cause of concern.
Is not remarkable?  Fewer than one problem in ten that cause stress is real concern. All the other are things that can be eliminate.

When stress becomes strain it is harmful :

As Mentioned earlier, sometimes stress can be positive prompter and motivator. But stress can also be destructive. In a study performed by Dr G Canby Robinson of the Johns Hopkins Hospital in the US, he discovered that out of 174 hospital patients, 140 of them were worriers. And he also discovered that for over hald of them stress was cuase of symptoms they were experiencing.
Stress becomes strain when it is continous. Dr Selye Explains that the human body reacts to stress in three stages.
  • Alarm
  • Resistance
  • Exhaustion
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