Common factor that Affects Motivation

Motivation must always come from within the individual but as the leader you have a major role in influencing motivation. The first thing to be aware of is that everybody is motivated and demotivated by different set of factors what works for one of your team will not necessarily work for another. Although not an exhaustive list, listed below are the more common factors that affect motivation at work.

  1. Money and reward package in general
  2. Job satisfaction
  3. Achieveing goals
  4. Recognition of performance.
  5. Flexibility to innovate
  6. Being empowered at the right development level.
  7. Training and personal development 
  8. Promotion prospects
  9. Influence and power
  10. Working Enviromnent
  11. Team working
  12. Work life balance
  13. Relationship with manager
  14. Job Security
  15. Change
  16. Stability
  17. Challenge
  18. Competition
  19. Organizational culture.
  20. Status.

Typically, most leader can influence around 70% of these motivational factors. It is also worth nothing that the abesence of particular motivator has the capacity to demotivate.

Your challenge in becoming a brilliant leader is to identify the key factor that motivate each of your people. Once these have been identified, the next challenge is to try and influence these motivators positively or as a minimum, to ensure that their absence does not demotivate your team members.

People are not always sufficiently self-aware of their own individual motivators so you should not rely totally on what they tell you. You should also be aware that peoples's motivators change as they go through different life stages.

The very best motivational leaders will develop and intuitive understanding of what motivates each of their staff. The rest of us mere mortals can consciously pick up on our team's individual motivators through trial and error, observing people's reactions and engaging them in open dialogue.

I hope the above list of motivational factors will point you in the right direction.

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